On this page you find resources for Educators to help with teaching more about vaping prevention for youth.

Tupe Curriculum

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of tobacco and nicotine.

Healthy Futures: An Alternative to Suspension

1-Hour Healthy Futures Curriculum

Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum

To address the current needs of educators to provide curriculum remotely to their students, we have created the Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum that addresses the health risks of using e-cigarettes/vapes, including JUUL and Puff Bar; the increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection for e-cigarette/vape users; and marketing tactics used by nicotine companies to target youth. We also include an accompanying student assignment.

The Cannabis/Marijuana Awareness & Prevention Toolkit

Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cannabis/marijuana.

CATCH My Breath

This evidence-based program was shown to substantially reduce students’ likelihood of vaping in the year following program implementation. Students also showed a significant increase in knowledge of the dangers of vaping and an increase in positive perceptions about choosing a vape-free lifestyle.

CATCH My Breath Videos


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CATCH Health at Home en Español!

More than 3,000 – yes, THREE THOUSAND!! – parents and educators have signed up for CATCH Health at Home since we launched just last month, and a consistent request from users has been to add Spanish-language content for parents. Well, we heard you and we’re pleased to launch the new CATCH Health at Home en Español!

The Real Cost of Vaping

The Real Cost of Vaping is sponsored by Scholastic and the FDA, who have developed a set of lessons, resources, and videos to address youth vaping. Students will analyze informational text, collect and present data, and evaluate marketing messages.

School E-cigarette Toolkit

Addressing Student Use of E-Cigarettes

Great American Smokeout Event Tools and Resources

The Great American Smokeout is an annual intervention event on the third Thursday of November by the American Cancer Society. Approximately 40 million American adults still smoke, and tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the country.

CA He althy Kids Resources Center

The CA He​althy Kids Resources Center​​ provides access to educational resources that can be borrowed at no cost, including curricula, books, video, and audio. 

smokeSCREEN For Teachers

smokeSCREEN: A smoking and vaping prevention videogame on a mission to prevent youth smoking and vaping

Project ALERT

Project ALERT is a substance abuse prevention program that is proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. ​Through a series of comprehensive lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they’ll use to resist drugs.​


Healthy Futures: An Alternative to Suspension

The Healthy Futures alternative to suspension curriculum is a newer component of the To​bacco Prevention Toolkit from Stanford University. It adapts some materials from the prevention modules of the Toolkit while incorporating aspects of motivational interviewing.

Sequence: 1, 2, and 4-hour curricula available

Grades: Middle (7/8) and high school (9-12​) students​

Contact for training information.


Healthy Futures: An Alternative to Suspension

The Youth Vaping Alternative Program Education (YVAPE) is an alternative to suspension program for students facing disciplinary action for vaping in California public schools. It utilizes phone counseling sessions and educational materials to establish a relationship with students, help them learn about their vaping behavior, and promote a dialogue between students and parents.

Sequence: Two 20-minute counseling sessions and 30-60 minutes of videos and discussion

Grades: Middle (7/8) and high school (9-12​) students​

YVape services are providing for FREE. Consent required by school administrator, student and parent.



Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health (INDEPTH) was developed by the American Lung Association in partnership with the Prevention Research Center of West Virginia University. INDEPTH is an interactive program that teaches students about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives and how to move past nicotine addiction.

Sequence: Four 50-minute sessions

Grades: Middle (7/8) and high school (9-12​) students​

Contact for training information.


Quit Vaping & Tobacco

Quit Vaping or Tobacco Referral

Please fill out this form if you are interested in support to quit vaping. We will help get you resources and support.


The Youth Vaping Alternative Program Education (YVAPE) is a counseling and educational program for students who have been cited for vaping at school. YVAPE is available to California public middle and high schools who will enroll students instead of alternative disciplinary action for vaping. YVAPE is designed to provide a positive experience for the student and help them think through their vaping behavior.


Connect your kids to a trained counselor.

ex Program

A digital tobacco cessation program developed by Truth Initiative® in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

Become A Smokefree Teen

Your choice to use tobacco may prevent you from doing the things you want to do in the future. The sooner you quit, the better off you will be. Whether you are a light smoker, occasional smoker, social smoker, or frequent smoker, getting support can help you stay tobacco-free. Find out what you can expect when becoming smokefree and use our tools to get help along the way.

Every Try Counts

Quitting smoking is possible. If you’ve tried to quit, congratulations, that alone is a big achievement. It may take several tries to be successful, and you learn something every time you try to quit smoking. By taking small steps, you can learn what works for you. Every try counts.

California Smokers' HelpLine

California Smokers’ HelpLine: Free services for teens and adults, including self-help materials and one-on-one counseling. Services are available in multiple languages.

• English: 1-800-NO BUTTS (1-800-662-8887)
• Spanish: 1-800-45 NO FUME (1-800-456-6386)
• Chew Tobacco: 1-800-844-CHEW (1-800-844-2439)
• Smart Phone Apps: NCI QuitPal, QuitSTART, QuitGuide
• Smokefree TXT Support for Teens: Text QUIT to iQuit (47848)

Quit Tobacco Classes - Offered by the Public Health Department - County of San Luis Obispo

Quitting tobacco improves your health and reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and many other illnesses. Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, use chewing tobacco, or e-cigarettes (vapes), our services can help you quit.

For FREE telephone counseling, self-help materials, or questions about our group counseling sessions, call the Tobacco Control Program at (805) 781-4945.

Tobacco Coalition – SLO County

The Tobacco Control Coalition welcomes all community members and organizations in San Luis Obispo County with the common goal of improving the health and environment of our community.

Youth Development

Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live SLO supports our local schools in youth development through middle and high school chapters. Friday Night Live programs utilize a Youth Development Framework, in which adults and youth work together, in partnership, towards programming that is youth-led and youth-driven. Youth Development is the ongoing process in which youth are engaged in building the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that prepare them for the present and future.

California Youth Advocacy Network

Training and technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and coalitions advocating for tobacco-free communities

No Barriers

We have a number of courses, each designed to entice growth and development within the people who face adversity on a daily basis. Everyone from our youth, to our veterans face seemingly impossible barriers, but it’s how you overcome them that truly defines you.

Here’s your chance to become the master of your own destiny and take on a course that teaches you how to overcome barriers, view challenges in a new light and join a community of inspirational people who have faced adversity time and time again!

You’ve just got to decide which course is for you!

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